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The Colorado New Democracy Initiative is such a new approach to politics and elections that it may not be clear on first impression whether it advances the causes and political positions you care most about. Here’s a quick quiz to help you  decide. Indicate whether you strongly agree, agree, are neutral on, disagree or strongly disagree with the following statements:


Strongly agree = +2     agree = +1    neutral = 0    disagree = -1     strongly disagree = -2


1). Congress is a dysfunctional mess and the Colorado state legislature isn’t much better.

2). Politicians spend too much time, energy and money attacking each other, and not nearly enough building bridges to solve problems.

3). Neither major political party has a monopoly on good ideas, and independents and some members of some minor political parties have good ideas, too.

4). Neither Congress nor the state legislature are addressing  the biggest problems we face, and the longer solutions are delayed the worse the problems get.

5). There should be more choices on the General Election ballot in November.

6). Tax  funds should not be used to subsidize political parties.

7). It should be easy to form a new political party,  and either back candidates for office from within that party or endorse independent candidates or candidates from other parties.

8). Politicians put way too much effort into designing political voting districts so that  members of one political party are clustered in certain districts and scarce in others. That undermines competition.

9). Money plays a more powerful role in politics and campaigning than it should.

10).  Every  registered voter should be able to vote for every candidate on the ballot in their voting district in every stage of the election.

11). There is way too much negative campaigning.

12). Voters would be better educated if ballots reflected which political organizations endorse which candidates.

13). The higher voter turnout is, the stronger our democracy is.

 Answers are scored as follows: 2 points for strongly agree, one point for agree, zero points for neutral, minus one for disagree and minus two for strongly disagree.

If your score is thirteen points or more, then you agree with the premises of the Colorado New Democracy Initiative.

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